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Defined by most dictionaries as a subject or idea, when it comes to weddings, a theme is so much more than that!

The theme of your wedding sets your ceremony apart from everyone else’s; it makes it completely unique and it is

the ultimate representation of who you are as a couple, whether that’s golf fanatics, rock n roll lovers, beach bums

or appreciators of classic vintage.


Your wedding theme sets the tone for your special day and ensures the look and feel harmonises the colour pallet, dress

style, flower choices, table decorations and general styling.


The beauty of wedding themes is that you don’t have to stick to just one. You can easily marry one theme for the ceremony with another for the reception (eg: butterfly release).


The list of potential themes is endless and the beauty is that, if there is too much choice, you can cleverly couple one theme for your ceremony with another for your reception. The list below is just a start. Research will throw up so many ideas for themes and, if you’re really creative, you might be able to come up with something no one else has done!  As your marriage celebrant, I will help you achieve your dream.




The Release of Butterflies

The release of butterflies symbolises transformation and beauty. Throughout many cultures butterflies also symbolise the spirit of freedom, happiness and joy. According to an American Indian legend, it is said that, if you want a wish to come true, you must capture a butterfly and whisper your wish to it, then release it and the butterfly will repeat it to the Great Spirit who, in return for giving the butterfly its freedom, grants the wish. There are various types and colours of butterflies you can choose from, and you can even carry this theme across to the decorations at your reception.


Sand Ceremony

The different colours of sand represent the different/individual lives of the bride and groom (and/or close family). When combined into a single vase, the layering of the sand represents the sands ability to retain its individuality while being united. The sand ceremony is perfect for blending families and the container can be sealed with an airtight lid to ensure your keepsake will last as long as your happy memories.


The Release of Doves

The release of white doves at weddings traditionally symbolises loyalty, as doves choose one partner to commit to for life. It is also said that doves symbolise unity, happiness, hope and peace, as well as new beginnings.


Candlelight Ceremony

The candlelight ceremony symbolises the uniting of two families into one or the forming of a new family. The happy couple takes two small lit candles (representing their individuality) and light a third, larger candle – or a ‘unity’ candle – which symbolises the retention of individuality within their unity. Candle centrepieces can light up your wedding reception.  Nothing looks more magical and romantic than the warm glow of candlelight.


Beach Wedding

What better way to enjoy your memorable day than having a spring/summer beach wedding? Nothing could

be more romantic than having a cool ocean breeze at your back while facing a glorious sunset. You can also

run this theme through your reception with beach-themed décor and personalised cocktails.

Surprise Wedding Wedding

The bride and groom can certainly capture everyone's attention with a surprise wedding.  The theme may

be an assumed birthday, house warming or some other important event with family and friends surprised

when you announce your intention to marry as they all gather round.





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