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If you are looking for just the legalities, without fuss or expense, then a legals only wedding is for you.  If you’re planning an overseas wedding or your own style religious wedding but still want to have the legal registration in Australia, then “Legals Only”could be perfect for you!   

The legal paperwork will be completed.  

Your marriage will then be legally registered in Australia.  Simple and affordable.




For various reasons, couples often wish to reaffirm their love for one another.  It may be a milestone wedding anniversary, a passing of difficult times in a relationship, a desire to marry with family and friends present if they were originally married overseas or an opportunity to have the wedding they always dreamed of but couldn't originally afford.  Whatever the reason, a renewal ceremony is the perfect way to renew your vows.


A Renewal of Vows Certificate will be issued to you at the conclusion of the ceremony.





Commitment ceremonies are a perfect way of celebrating a couples' love and union.  You may just want to recommit and recognise the love you have for each other.


A Commitment Ceremony Certificate will be issued to you at the conclusion of the ceremony.





Many couples wish to include wedding customs from other religions and cultures in their ceremonies.  Here are some ideas you may want to incorporate for your special day.  


  • Candle lighting ceremony - union of two individuals, becoming one in commitment. Perfect for blending families.

  • Wine ceremony - symbolizes two people coming together to share one life, one love.

  • Dove release ceremony - heralds the beginning of your new life together.

  • Butterfly release - according to legend, by making a wish and giving the butterfly its freedom, the wish will be granted

  • Wishing Stone ceremony - guests throw a stone (usually lake etc., but a large bowl of water can also be used) making a wish or blessing for the wedding couple.

  • Colour theme - choosing your favourite colours to personalise your wedding.

  • Short and sweet ceremony - a more affordable option for those who want simplicity.





What is a baby naming ceremony?

The ceremony is a non-religious ceremony, alternative to ceremonies such as a christening or baptism, whereby parents choose to introduce and celebrate the arrival of their child, welcoming him/her to family and friends. You can choose to have your baby naming anywhere from when your child is born, up to his/her first birthday.  These are the most popular however, there is no set age time-frame for baby naming. Adults may also choose to have a ceremony.


Initially, the Celebrant will welcome everyone and make acknowledgement of siblings and other nominated

people.  Parents and/or grandparents and/or life guardians will make their promises and wishes.


Can I have Godparents?

Yes, or life guardians as some people prefer to say.


Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, you will receive an original themed Certificate at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Your choice of theme.



If a bride and groom want to surprise their friends and family, then a surprise wedding is the way to go. 

There are many reasons why this may happen for example; a new home/house warming, special birthday

or you may just want to forget the engagement party and go straight for the wedding.

You will however, still need to lodge the NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage form) at least one month

before the surprise.








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I am a member of Australia’s largest and most progressive National Celebrant Association, with professionals from all streams of celebrancy. As an AFCC Celebrant I offer the following: Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance Copyright Protection & APRA music licence exemption.

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